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June 2018


HMRC under investigation for alleged breach of data protection rules:-


Hermes couriers win landmark employment status case:-


VAT: European Commission welcomes adoption of new tools to combat fraud in the EU:-


Gig economy - Supreme Court rejects appeal from Pimlico Plumbers over workers’ rights:-


EU mandatory disclosure rules in force:-,5ONTC,I8SMM3,M4ENO,1


Call for evidence for Kingman review of FRC’s role:-,5ONTC,I8SMM3,M4ENO,1


May 2018


HMRC unveils private sector IR35 reform consultation:-


Number of tax refund scams escalating:-


HMRC  to delay more digital services for individuals:-


April 2018


IR35: Thousands of contractors have been wrongly taxed:-


HMRC removes pensions tool after errors:-


HMRC cancels 270,000 late penalty notices:-


IR35 case loss turns the tables on HMRC:-


March 2018


Childcare vouchers: Surprise delay to scheme cancellation:-


Spring Statement documents:-


Six possible dates for leaving EU VAT regime:-


MTD: VAT regulations have been passed:-


On April 1st National Minimum and National Living Wage rates are changing:-


February 2018


Directors: No legal requirement to file a tax return:-


VAT Horror Story: £297,000 surcharge for one day late - Lessons to be learnt:-


MPs publish full unredacted report into RBS small business scandal:-


January 2018


Update on IT issues with HMRC services - partly fixed as of 22nd January:-,5EDM4,J349NU,KW2T3,1


HMRC criticised over customer service measures:-,5E4QZ,I8SMM3,KV071,1


HMRC gives notice of the fact no P6s have been issued since 7th January 2018:-


EU pushes for 15% minimum VAT rate:-


December 2017


Top 5 HMRC disputes of 2017:-


November 2017


Autumn Budget:-



All documents


VAT threshold cut proposal stokes MTD fear for small businesses:-


Self-employed NIC merger postponed:-


October 2017


Warning of fake HMRC VAT email scam:-,58CLA,I8SMM3,K54KN,1


FTT ruling shines spotlight on actor’s NICs via intermediary company:-


A recent case on tax credits for the self-employed - taxpayer won:-


PAYE updating service hit by HMRC IT problem:-,567DZ,I8SMM3,JVJTD,1


September 2017


Contractors working for public sector see income slashed by up to 30pc in wake of tax crackdown:-


Getting the VAT return right - pt 2 International transactions:-


Tax glitch leaves self-employed pregnant women waiting for maternity allowance


August 2017


HMRC to withdraw paper copies of SA302 for mortgage applications:-,53HA9,I8SMM3,JJ2XD,1


Simple tax assessments are coming:-


HMRC challenged over childcare website failures:-


July 2017


PAYE: Dynamic coding has landed:-


Warning on Brexit finance uncertainty:-


HMRC urged to change approach to complaints:-


Making Tax Digital delayed to 2020 at the earliest for taxes other than VAT:-


PSC Regime tightened:-


Electronic fix for HMRC tax return problems anticipated:-


June 2017


Tribunal: Company directors do not have to submit tax returns:-


Election results and analysis:-


Progress of Finance Act 2017:-


May 2017


MTD for individuals - Dynamic Codings:-


Update to Finance Bill following announcement of General Election:-


Latest version of Finance Bill 2017:-


April 2017


The future for Companies House:-


Making Tax Digital has been dropped from the Finance Bill (along with other tax measures):-


Sweeping changes made to salary sacrifice rules:-


MTD will require taxpayers to file six returns a year:-


March 2017


Government plans web gateway overhaul:-


Making Tax Digital VAT reporting starts April 2019:-


Class 4 NICs rise to be delayed, says May:-


Budget 2017


Nil rate band to lift inheritance tax threshold by £100K from April:-,4T2DQ,I8SMM3,I45TU,1


Government shelves Companies House six-year data wipe plan:-,4T2DQ,I8SMM3,I45TU,1


February 2017


The Brewster Supreme Court - Ruling marks significant extension of unmarried cohabitees’ pension rights


Making Tax Digital £10k threshold ‘ridiculous’, claim Lords:-


January 2017


Class 2 NI confusion:-


MPs call for immediate delay to Making Tax Digital:-,4POF2,I8SMM3,HNC9V,1


HMRC computers ignore payment on account changes:-


Businesses face minimum wage trap:-


Taxed by law and untaxed by guidance:-


EU set to overhaul SME VAT scheme to simplify rules:-


Late payments force small businesses to the edg:-


December 2016


VAT flat rate scheme: End of an era:-


New VAT MOSS reforms unveiled:-


November 2016


Autumn Statement documents:-


HMRC complaints at seven-year high:-


EU money laundering directive will see review of PSC register rules:-


Employment law verdict - Uber taxi case:-


October 2016


HMRC to roll out real time PAYE coding adjustments by 2017:-


The future of CIS:-


Pound sterling:UK's trade-weighted currency index slumps to historic new low on hard Brexit fears:-


TTIP negotiators to push ahead despite anti-trade wave:-


September 2016


HMRC updates guidance for genuine HMRC contact and recognising phishing emails:-


Finance Act 2016 is passed:-


HMRC switches to online acknowledgements for corporation tax returns:-


August 2016


Parents must update tax records for children post GCSE's by 31st August:-,4GCYZ,I8SMM3,GFALE,1


MTD cash basis plan rewrites of accounting rules:-


HMRC interest rates for late and earlt paymentd cut by 0.25%:-


Quarterly reporting requirements for Making Tax Digital set out in overdue consultation:-,4FAJP,I8SMM3,GAGQG,1


Making Tax Digital proposes aboliton of annual tax return for partners and LLPs:-,4FAJP,I8SMM3,GAGQG,1


HMRC change gateway passwords rules:-


Agents rebut HMRC calls for bank details on CT returns:-


July 2016


Breaking down Brexit - what does it mean for the public sector:-


June 2016


Shifting the burden of IR35 in public sector:-


The tax implications post Brexit:-


Changes to statutory records and reporting to Companies House as of 30th June 2016:-


Taxpayers must check P60s to aviod overpaying tax on savings:-


RTI late payment penalty scheme to remain until April 2017:-,49K1D,I8SMM3,FKYP2,1


May 2016


HMRC go live with verify indentity authentication:-,48MEJ,I8SMM3,FGQBV,1


VAT Flat rate guidance updated by HMRC:-


Pensions at risk over poor regulation with auto enrolment investments warn MPs:-


April 2016


HMRC seeks to impose control in new guidance:-


MP challenges HMRC over costly software requirements for plans to make tax digital:-


VAT MOSS in 2016 - What is next?


Warning over scam HMRC emails being sent out:-


March 2016


HMRC update student loan guidance for employers:-


New National Living Wage becomes law on 1st April 2016:-


Budget 2016:-


Detail and documents:-


Tax code complexity "could damage economy":-


Digital accounting records to be compulsory:-


Warning for BACS payments over Easter:-,42N35,I8SMM3,ER82S,1


Companies House filings to go 100% online by 2019:-


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